Website Design: Building A Portfolio That Stands Out

So youre a newbie web designer and developer. You feel youve got it in you to set the next big trend in website design and development.

Then you begin cold-canvassing companies and individuals for work…and things go silent. What went wrong? Well, if youre going to get into website design, youre going to need a good portfolio page. And make no mistake; its got to be a good one. After all, theres no better way for a designer to be judged than by the look and functionality of their own website.

So, youve got to create a compelling design for your portfolio page. Weve compiled a list of points to keep in mind while you do so:

? Keep it Short, but State the Important Details

You might be tempted to go on and on about your talents and achievements, but dont. Interested parties will only spend a short time reviewing your site, and will move on if your website lacks brevity. Brevity is the soul of wit, as the saying goes, and its also a damn important part of good website design.

? Include Contact Information

This is crucial. How else will potential clients get in touch? Its easy to overlook, so dont forget to make your contact information easily accessible.

? Dont Be Shy to Seek Inspiration

It can be difficult to get started with your portfolio website design, because its something you start from scratch and moreover, its got to be in keeping with your style and personality. If youre having trouble, dont be afraid to look at the design of other developers and take some inspiration from it. You dont have to – and shouldnt – copy every inch of it, but it can spark an idea.

? Be Prepared to Update

Youre only going to get better as time passes and you get some experience under your belt. This has to reflect in your portfolio page. When youve completed a project, or have learned a new skill, work it into the portfolio. Show the world that youve bettered and you have more to offer.

Theres no doubt that if you want to get noticed as a champion of website design, youre going to have to create a compelling portfolio. Its a relatively simple task that has many benefits, so theres really no reason why you shouldnt be doing it. Youll find that your audience will grow and the clients will rack up.